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Tomoharu Nishino


Tomoharu is a Managing Partner at Inspiration Labs and brings 15 years of experience as a strategy, market entry and operations consultant. He has worked with a broad array of Fortune 500 clients in a range of industries, including financial services, consumer products, healthcare, telecommunications, and software, providing them with strategic and operational advice at the highest levels of management. He has also worked with ventures in early stages of their product development providing them with guidance on product and market definition, market entry and growth strategies.

A native of Japan, Tomoharu is fluent in Japanese and is intimately familiar with Japanese business customs and culture. He has brought his knowledge to bear in working with the Japanese operations of major American corporations, as well as devising market entry strategies for American firms seeking to enter or expand their business in that challenging market.

Prior to Inspiration Labs, Tomoharu owned Zyxt consulting and was a partner at Twain Associates, Inc., a strategy and market entry consultancy serving American Fortune 500 companies with extensive foreign operations. He also worked at Symmetrix (a management consulting firm serving Fortune 500 companies) where he co-developed a customer level profitability assessment and segmentation methodology for clients in the financial services industry.

Tomoharu earned his Ph.D. in Political Science from Princeton University, where he specialized in international relations, international economics, econometrics and game theory, and has taught at the University of Texas at Austin and also at the University of Pennsylvania. He earned his undergraduate degree in Government and Economics from Harvard University.