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Singular Voices – Combined Power

Programs for team & leadership development

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As a business leader, having fulfilled employees falls high on your list of priorities.

But too often, it’s your company bottom line that rises to the top.

What if You could have both?

At Inspiration Labs, we believe collective greatness happens when individual passions come together.

That’s where we come in. We work with organizations who want to achieve the extraordinary, from Fortune 500 companies to ambitious startups.

We will help you

  1. Onboard new leaders and develop a leadership team of elite professionals
  2. Strengthen communication between teams and managers
  3. Motivate, unite, and empower employees to thrive beyond expectations
  4. Create a culture of appreciation and respect for distinct contributions
  5. Deliver ongoing training and support

Nowadays, off-the-rack leadership training feels dated. Clumsy. Recognize and respect your diverse and dynamic hires with a customized program tailored to where they’ve been and where you’re going.

Our reputation is of paramount importance and Inspiration Labs safeguarded it.

“Our reputation is of paramount importance and Inspiration Labs safeguarded it and delivered the excellence our clients expect from us. Working with Scott, you know you’ve got the consummate professional and gentleman on your team who delivers value with authenticity, sincerity, empathy, and integrity consistently with every interaction.”

President of a global education & training company.

Our Services

Upskill your leadership, strengthen your team, change organizational culture or instill inclusion. We work closely with you to develop a tailor-made program based on your company’s circumstances, strengths, and future plans.

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Leadership Development
Forge well-rounded, motivated, and effective leaders with custom leadership development programs.
Team Optimization
Motivate and unite teams with corporate team building which gives a voice to the individual to strengthen the collective.
Culture Shaping
Cultivate a sense of positivity and belonging in your organizational culture. A practical roadmap of achievable micro-steps that reflect who you want to become.
Environment Cultivation
Create a fair and equal workplace where all employees feel seen and heard. Managers learn to listen, navigate, and neutralize.
Custom Training
Overcome your specific business challenges with one-time or ongoing training that’s always made to measure.

It Works

Together, we’ll explore your unique challenges, strengths, and opportunities.
Get a made to measure package of training, coaching, culture change, and ongoing learning.
Watch your leaders step up and your teams mesh as your program plays out.
Celebrate your progress and spot opportunities for ongoing learning and improvement.

Scott is extraordinarily qualified to bring value to any enterprise

“Scott has the ability to gain the absolute trust and confidence of persons at all levels of an organization. At my institution, Scott became my trusted advisor whose suggested system and procedural improvements resulted in improved operational efficiency beyond the specific areas for which he was engaged. I am confident that Scott is extraordinarily suited and qualified to bring value to any enterprise which takes him on board.”

Jeffrey Cobham
Past Managing Director‚ National Commercial Bank Jamaica

Who Is Inspiration Labs?

Inspiration Labs is a collective of diverse business specialists with decades of experience.

Our toolbelt of diagnostic assessments, coaching, and training gives your leaders and employees the skills and mindset they need to thrive.

Before creating your custom development plan, we like to listen. Really listen. We want to know everything you can tell us about your business journey: past, present, and future.

How We Stand Out

Ever-evolving methods to unlock potential in your teams.
Diverse and refreshing perspectives from our growing team of global business experts.
A vault of business knowledge served up to support you where you need it most
Custom listening, training, and coaching for every level of your business: not just the leaders.

Everyone had a voice

“Before working with Inspiration Labs, we had a workplace culture where individuals did not feel safe enough to speak up. They did not feel valued. We worked together to develop a culture plan which set up everyone (leaders and reports) for success. The result was more effective communication and an overall improvement in company culture.”

Change Leader for a global energy company

Our Clients

  1. United Nations
  2. BHP
  3. Massy
  4. Cigna
  5. Continental
  6. Turbonomic
  7. Tadawul
  8. Public Investment Fund
  9. United Nations
  10. BHP
  11. Massy

Prime Your People For Greatness

  1. United
  2. Confident
  3. Potential
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