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We at Inspiration Labs offer a unique spin on coaching, consulting, and training. It’s not just what we do—but how we do it.

Our services are delivered by highly skilled, credentialed, and passionate professionals. Our life’s work is to inspire and support leaders and team members, allowing you to reach every benchmark for success.


  1. Leadership Development

    For leaders to make an impact Learn More
    The executives set the tone for the company and create the environment in which all others must operate. Through uniquely styled one-on-one coaching, group training, and/or a customized curriculum, we help you to create an environment for productivity, employee loyalty, and a synergistic work atmosphere. We first identify the impact you have on those around you. We then help you to elevate that impact to better achieve your goals and vision for the future.
    1. Leadership attributes

      Bringing out the inspired and inspiring leader within

    2. Executive Presence

      Enhancing the power you bring to every interaction

    3. Emotional intelligence

      Elevating your emotional intelligence by learning to “read the room” and bring what’s missing to the conversation

    4. Effective dialoguing

      Advancing your ability to have both difficult and high impact conversations.

    5. Critiquing

      Identifying productive ways to ensure employees listen carefully, respond positively and integrate your feedback to make the appropriate changes.

    6. Stakeholder influencing

      Learning to captivate your audience—whether one person or hundreds

    7. Building trust

      Operating from integrity and getting comfortable bringing your true self to the table

    8. Embracing your leadership style

      Defining and owning your personal style

  2. Team Optimization

    For teams to work together toward a common goal Learn More
    We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your team dynamics and goals. We take what we discover and customize a clear plan for you to use to cultivate a great team. Here’s how we do it.
    1. Discover

      We uncover the unique passions and talents of every team member. Using Predictive Index, we then develop a detailed behavioral profile of the team’s strengths and growth opportunities.

    2. Identify

      We help create a user guide for each individual and the team as a whole, allowing leadership to clearly identify areas that need adjustments.

    3. Re-Imagine

      Based on our findings we develop a new team vision, harnessing the existing resources and pinpointing gaps that may need to be filled.

    4. Support

      We offer all levels of support from thought partnering to daily participation in vision building and implementing

  3. Culture Shaping

    For companies looking to enhance the existing company culture through inclusion and respect in their workplace Learn More
    Company culture is a culmination of the little things. Changing that culture begins with one tiny act at a time. It’s these daily micro-actions, that take fewer than five minutes per day, that lay the foundation for a positive and uplifting company culture where everyone feels safe and valued.
    1. Micro-Practices for Business
      • Identifying the small changes that bring monumental transformations
      • Assess the company dynamics and existing cultural climate. Hear from representative voices in your organization to establish where your company culture stands.
      • Identify any areas that may need enhancement
      • Assign small, yet high impact behaviors that will quickly and seamlessly enhance the existing company culture.
      • Every employee becomes a participant and stakeholder as they implement tiny changes in habit and behavior.
      • Check-in periodically and make necessary adjustments.
  4. Foster Appreciation and Respect for All

    For managers and teams to inspire a more considerate and collaborative workspace Learn More
    One-time or ongoing training that quickly opens the channels of communication and lowers barriers while buildings bonds in place of barriers.
    1. Learn

      Understand how to create an environment where all employees feel truly equally seen, heard, and valued.

    2. Equip

      Develop practical tools for navigating challenging scenarios and interactions.

    3. Explore

      Benefit from a safe space to explore sensitive issues and broach challenging topics.

    4. Reflect

      Practical sessions which allow for reflection on how best to perpetuate inclusivity in your organization.

  5. Custom Training and Experiential Learning

    For businesses, teams, and leaders with a specific challenge to overcome in pursuit of long-term success. Learn More
    A one-time or ongoing service tailored to your circumstances.

    Receive a custom proposal in response to a particular challenge, leader, or team. Draw on our expertise with any combination of coaching, training, upskilling, or team building to best suit your needs. Maximize transformation with practical, interesting, and useful training that’s never ‘off-the-shelf’.

    Practice Studios Custom-designed for elite professionals as well as employees on all levels

    Participate in a safe and confidential learning environment to master communication skills. Through practice, and based on your desired learning, you can make your mark with your presentation skills, adept handling of sensitive situations, and proficiency in high-impact conversations.

Our Tools

Achieve efficient and lasting transformation with the help of our tools.

  1. M-Path

    A practical program where participants unlock their greatest passions and how to harness them for personal and companywide growth.

  2. Stella Leadership

    Zero in on five key leadership competencies to develop executive presence in your organization.

  3. The Predictive Index

    Optimize team dynamics and performance with this behavioral assessment tool. Fill gaps and nail job fit to build high-performing teams.

If you’re ready to harness the greatness within your business, book a call to discuss your goals.

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